Banya Facilities

Russian Banya

Our traditional-style Russian Banya, or sauna, offers customers the opportunity to experience what is known as “wet heat.” The Russian Banya usually has temperatures upwards of 200°F (90°C) with humidity at about 60-70%. The design of our Russian Banya involves the use of a wood-burning masonry stove which heats up the stones present inside the stove itself. It is these stones which absorb, hold, and slowly release the large amounts of heat that offer the customer an invigorating and relaxing experience. Also, the Russian Banya has a bucket of hot water with a ladle, which is used to pour the water onto the stones so as to raise the humidity of the Banya. It is important that only hot water be used since cold water will cause the stones to crack and break.
This is the true, authentic Russian Banya experience that we offer to you, so come in, relax, and let the soothing heat and tradition of Russia relax your muscles and ease your troubles away!

Finnish Sauna

The traditional Finnish Sauna is in many ways similar to the Russian Sauna, but with some important distinctions: Our Finnish Sauna has temperatures upwards of 230°F (110°C), with the humidity at around 5-10%. Thus, the Finnish Sauna provides what is known as “dry heat.” The Finnish Sauna’s dry heat offers a higher temperature, but because of the much lower humidity, our customers can enjoy longer stays in this Sauna than in the Russian Banya as the temperatures of their bodies and skin will rise slower, allowing for more time to be spent lounging in the Finnish Sauna.

Steam Room/Hammam

The Steam Room is very similar in purpose and in type of heat being provided as traditional Turkish Hammam saunas. The Steam Room is covered entirely in tile, which is different from the wood in the Russian and Finnish Saunas in that tile does not absorb heat or moisture at all. Thus, the Steam Room is kept at a much lower temperature than our other two saunas, but at a much higher humidity. The temperature in this time-honored sauna is at about 110°F (45°C) and the humidity is at 100%. Trips to the Steam Room/Hammam will last considerably longer than trips to the Russian Banya or to the Finnish Sauna. It is this extended stay in the Steam Room which allows for slow relaxation, while the steam causes the clearing of the sinuses for our customers. Eucalyptus oil may also be taken into the Steam Room and poured into the steam faucet so as to open up nasal passages and clear up congestion.

Cold Plunge Pool

Our ice cold dunk tank, or plunge pool, is yet another unique attraction of the Russian Banya of Dallas, and it should only be used after your second trip of the day to the banya. After sitting in the heat and humidity of our baths and saunas, your pores will be open and cleansed, and you will feel totally relaxed. But it is the plunge pool which creates a sense of invigoration and energy. Enter the ice cold dunk tank and feel reinvigorated as your pores quickly close up, allowing for your body to prevent toxins and oil from entering the skin. The rush of cold immediately after the incredible sensations of heat felt in the saunas makes you feel fresh and new, and gives you the energy you need to take on the world again!